Privacy Policy

Updated December 13, 2018

1. Privacy Policy

In accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), FieldSense strives to clarify the activities relating to the registration, storing and use of the Customer’s personal data and the purpose thereof.

Personal data includes any and all information related to an identified and identifiable natural individual. Examples of such information are email addresses, social security numbers, private contact information, civil statuses, IP addresses and portrait photos.

Publicly available information such as company name, registration numbers, main telephone numbers and direct business telephone numbers to employees are not considered personal data.

2. Collection of Data

FieldSense only collects information about the Customer when:

The Customer signs up on the FieldSense website in connection with the registration of an account or by indicating interest in further information and contact;
The Customer makes telephone or written contact to FieldSense in connection with sales and customer support as well as other inquiries where the Customer’s contact with FieldSense must be documented to ensure that the correct services are provided to the Customer;
FieldSense receives telephone or written inquiries by the Customer;
The Customer is invoiced for the products purchased by the Customer;
The Customer registers new details or makes changes to the account details on the Customer’s subscription in the Application.
In the above instances, FieldSense will record the following information about the Customer, if disclosed:

  • Name and surname;
  • Phone number;
  • Email address;
  • Billing address;
  • VAT/company registration numbers;
  • Telephonic (though not audio recordings) and written correspondence between FieldSense and the Customer;
  • Date, time and duration of telephone correspondence between FieldSense and the Customer.

In addition, FieldSense will record the following information about the Customer that is specific to the Customer’s use of the Application, if disclosed:

  • Geographical locations and land areas;
  • Uploaded files containing geographic (GIS) information about the Customer’s business and land areas;
  • Naming of land areas, farms, weather stations and variable-rate application maps;
  • Geographical locations on notes and markings;
  • Free text content on notes.
3. Storage and Protection of Data

All collected information that relates in one way or another to the Customer is protected by encryption and passwords in FieldSense’ own internal systems and in third party systems where necessary, for instance, in external bookkeeping systems and CRM.

The data required for FieldSense’ operations and general business, exclusively including business information used for billing and contact between FieldSense and the Customer, will be available to FieldSense’ external accountant according to the need-to-know principle. For example, FieldSense may share the Customer’s company information with FieldSense’ affiliated accountant in the event of non-payment, overdue payments, and similar situations.

If the Customer wishes to terminate his/her subscriptions with FieldSense, the above-mentioned collected data relating to the Customer will be stored in anonymised form. . Ønsker Kunden, at disse data fortsat ikke vil blive an-vendt af FieldSense i anonymiseret form, har Kunden ret til at få slettet de persondata, som FieldSense har indsamlet om Kunden. FieldSense forbeholder sig dog retten til fortsat at lagre og anvende de data, der ikke anses som persondata, såsom virksomhedsoplysninger og data specifikke for Applikationen.

4. Use of Data

As a general rule, FieldSense does not apply and disseminate the Customer’s personal data.

FieldSense only uses personal data for activities related to operations and administration, including invoicing, bookkeeping and general customer contact. Ved indgåelse af en købsaftale mellem FieldSense og Kunden skal Kunden give sit samtykke til, at FieldSense kan kontakte Kunden i forbindelse med formidling af systemopdateringsmeddelelser, træningsmateriale og markedsføringsmateriale. Kunden kan fravælge sig, at FieldSense må tage kontakt. Kunden kan endvidere til en hver tid trække sit samtykke tilbage.

FieldSense uses other data specific to the Application (such as data from satellites and weather stations) associated with the Customer’s account with the intent to further develop and optimize the Application. This data is not considered personal data. The purpose of this will always be to improve the Application and the Customer’s experience. The data will specifically be used to develop new features, including artificially intelligent decision-support systems that use data that is not sensitive to the Customer’s privacy. Disse anses ikke som persondata. Formålet herved vil altid være at forbedre Applikationen og Kundens oplevelse. Disse data vil specifikt blive anvendt til at udvikle nye funktioner, herunder kunstigt intelligente beslutningsstøttesystemer, der udelukkende anvender data, som ikke er følsomme for Kunden.

The Privacy Policy is version 1.0 and is valid from 25-05-2018.

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