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Learn the basics

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Farm Weather is a tool that helps you get the full overview of the weather near your fields, so you can focus on making the right decisions at the right time. In this video, you’ll learn how it works and how it can become your new best friend.

Do more with Farm Weather

From sowing to harvesting, Farm Weather is your companion when important decisions have to be made. Explore a few of the ways that Farm Weather can help you and your colleagues do more with local weather data.

Sow at the right time


Use soil temperature measurements to sow at the right time and get the most out of the season.

Perform better spraying


Knowing the exact wind conditions in your fields helps you plan and carry out spraying better. 

Measure rain digitally


Quit emptying your rain gauge. Rain is measured digitally and stored online for you forever. 

Be alerted of pests


Know when the conditions in your fields are favorable for spotting and combating various pests.

Harvest at exactly the right time


Use air humidity measurements to time your harvest and reduce costs when drying your grain.

Make decisions with local data


Local weather data allows you to take better decisions throughout the entire growing season.

Stay worry-free with warranty


Measure weather without interruptions. Your weather station is covered by life-time warranty and service.

Access your data at all times


All your weather data is instantly available on your smartphone for you to access on-the-go.

Consult with your colleagues


Get the most out of your weather data by bringing along your colleagues. Unlimited co-worker access.

Unboxing and setup

It's easy to install Farm Weather. Check out the video below to watch the full unboxing and setup guide.


Setting up Farm Weather is simple and takes no more than 15 minutes. And if you’ll ever want to measure in another location, the weather station can be repositioned in minutes.

Mobile app walkthrough
The basics

The mobile app is your companion where ever you go. Watch the walkthrough to learn just how easy it is to use!

PART 1: The basics

Learn how to navigate the app. View current and historical weather data, use the charts to compare current season’s data with last year’s data – and much more.

Sowing analysis

PART 2: Sowing analysis

Learn how to use the app’s powerful sowing analysis to ensure that you always sow at exactly the right time. This helps you get the most out of the growing season and secures you higher yields.

Pest analysis

PART 3: Pest analysis

Learn how to stay informed about the current pest threat situation in your fields. Farm Weather monitors and prioritises the risk of pests emerging in your fields, making it easy for you to act in due time.

Septoria analysis

PART 4: Septoria analysis

Receive field-specific Septoria analyses based on your weather station, perform treatments in due time, and track their efficacy. We use an agronomic model tailored to the Scandinavian and Baltic climatic conditions.

Spraying dashboard

PART 5: Spraying dashboard

Keep track of the important weather conditions when planning to spray your fields. The spraying dashboard gives you an overview of wind conditions in relation to drift, precipitation in relation to adhesion, and evaporation in in relation to chemical damage and drift. That way you can spray under the best conditions.

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© Copyright FieldSense 2015 – 2021 | All rights reserved