Precision Package

Get a new view on your fields with satellite imagery

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Field Scouting

Stay updated on the development and health of your crops with crop health maps, delivered to you from satellites.

  • Click-to-add your fields, and be all set in a few minutes
  • Use different map layers to analyze your fields
  • Find crop stress, pests, spray damage, drought and more

Crop Insights

Follow the gradual development of all your fields and improve your planning before, during and after growth seasons.

  • View 5 years of historic satellite imagery
  • Review past seasons to guide your current decisions
  • Find recurring crop health issues

Prescription Maps

Use satellite imagery to give your crops the right amounts of nutrients and crop protection, and reduce your costs.

  • Use automatically created zones and adjust prescription amount to target your spraying
  • Draw exception zones to eliminate waste in headland 
  • Export prescription maps to all major tractor and terminal brands, or use the app to guide you when spraying


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