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September Update: Connect fields to your weather stations

A new version of the FieldSense app has just been released. Connect your fields with your weather stations and get field-specific weather data and analyses. Moreover, display gusts of wind in the app – and more.

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Three weather stations streamline Siljebjerggaard Pig Production

Jacob Dalsgaard Justesen runs Siljebjerggaard Pig Production in Brædstrup and has invested in three weather stations from FieldSense. The weather stations help him prioritize his work and give him a computerized overview of the weather in his fields:

FieldSense Weather Stations for Farming

The top 10 benefits from local weather data for farming

Local weather data help you all season, be it for sowing, for spraying or for harvesting. We’ve gathered the top 10 benefits of using local weather data for your farming operations. Get the overview right here.

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