Coming soon: Weather Forecasts and Digital Weather Stations

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We have great news! We are launching two new functions. And not just any features. On the contrary, these two are the most asked-for features since we started developing our weather stations. These are:


If you want to know more, this blog post will further explain the two features. If you want to know more, this blog post will further explain the two features. 15 November 2021.

Weather Forecasts

We are adding a weather forecast to our app. For farmers who have FieldSense weather stations in their fields, we strongly believe that this forecast will be the most accurate available to them. We believe so because we use a method called Hardware Assisted Weather Forecasting, where we use hardware (weather stations) to give our weather prognosis model hyper-local input. And since the weather stations are placed at exactly the place where the farmer wants his forecast from – his fields – the forecast will be made based on the hyper-local weather conditions unique to his fields.

The weather forecast will provide a prognosis for the next 16 days and will include precipitation, wind speed and direction, air temperature as well as air humidity.

Digital Weather Stations

We are steadily building a larger and denser network of weather stations. We now wish to open up this network and make available the data of each weather station.

In other words, FieldSense users will now be able to connect with every individual FieldSense weather station, even if it’s not ‘their own’ station. You can e.g. connect with your neighbour’s weather station, and he can connect with yours. There is, however, a limit on the number of stations available: You may connect with a maximum of 5 digital weather stations for every weather station you physically have yourself.

When you connect with a digital weather station you may access all data, just like you are used to with ‘your own’ weather station. This includes all weather parameters, historical data, analyses etc.

We look forward to the release!

We are very happy about this particular release. It contains features which many of you have asked for over and over. And we are proud to be able to deliver yet another valuable tool for Precision Farming.

The update will be published on 15 November 2021.

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