New update: Septoria alarm, wind direction, spraying dashboard and dewpoint temperature.

On the 1st of March, 2021, we released new tools to FieldSense. Receive a local Septoria alarm, make sure you know the exact wind direction, spray during perfect wind conditions and make use of the dewpoint temperature during spraying, harvesting and more.

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Here are the tools have been launched on March 1st

We have implemented a few different tools on March 1st 2021. Read what they are and how they work – they are of course included in your Farm Weather subscription.

Septoria alarm: Receive the most local Septoria alarm.
Wind direction: See the wind direction in real time as well as in the historical data.
Spraying dashboard: Spray under perfect wind conditions.
Dewpoint temperature: Get an overview of the dewpoint temperature.

Please notice that pictures and illustrations are from the early stages of our design phase. Hence, it may look at bit different in the app. .

Septoria alarm
Receive the most local Septoria alarm

We have implemented a Septoria alarm. This tool allows you to track if the conditions for Septoria are favorable or not. By following the color code you can easily assess when the best time for treatment is.

With the analysis working on weather station level, we are sure that this will be the most precise Septoria alarm, and that it is something which will be very helpful for you in the future.

Wind direction
See the wind direction in real time as well as in the historical data.

Avoid drift when you spray by knowing the wind direction. Wind direction has been added to the live as well as historical data, so you always can document and verify your sprays after you have performed them.

Wind direction has been on high-demand from many of our customers, and we are pleased to deliver this new tool for you.

Spraying dashboard
Spray during perfect wind conditions.

A new spraying dashboard gives you an overview of all the relevant weather conditions for spraying.

On the page you are met by a quick overview and can then see the weather data that the assessments are based on. See if the conditions for wind, precipitation and evaporation are optimal for spraying, or if you should wait a bit.

Dewpoint temperature:
Get an overview of the dewpoint temperature.

Dewpoint temperature has been added to your historical data.

This allows you to evaluate on the efficiency of your spraying as well as perform your own analyses during harvest, spraying and other activities.

Enjoy your new tools

The new tools are accessible from March 1st 2021. If you don’t already have Farm Weather you can try a free trial account for 14 days – no strings attached.

If you are interested in learning more about Farm Weather, please take a look at the front page or our video archive, where you quickly can get an overview of all the things you get, when you subscribe to Farm Weather.

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