The top 10 benefits from local weather data for farming

FieldSense Weather Stations for Farming
Local weather data help you all season, be it for sowing, for spraying or for harvesting. We've gathered the top 10 benefits of using local weather data for your farming operations. Get the overview right here.

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1. Sow when the time is right

Give your seeds the optimal starting conditions for sprouting. By knowing the soil temperature, you will be able to time your sowing with precision. This will help you avoid sowing too early or too late so that you don’t miss out on parts of the growing season.

2. Follow the development of your crops

Follow the growth stages of your crops. Knowing the exact number of Growing Degree Days (GDD) and growth days – calculated automatically for you and displayed in the app – will enable you to monitor the actual growth of your crops and compare it to the expected growth stage that your crops should be in. This makes it easier for you to make corrective measures in time.

3. Spray under optimal wind conditions

Be certain that your spray under optimal wind conditions. Knowing the actual win speed at crop height will enable you to know whether the wind is suitable for spraying and at which pace you can drive your tractor when spraying. It will help you avoid having to drive to faraway fields just to discover that the wind conditions are not favorable for spraying. You will save both labor cost and fuel, while also gaining an assurance that your pesticides have actually hit the intended target without having been blown away by the wind.

4. Know the exact amount of rainfall

With local precipitation measurements, you will be able to gauge the soil moisture and water conditions at all times. By having measurements of current rain conditions and graphs of historical precipitation, you will be able to know whether your crops are getting enough water during the growth season. Early in the season, you will also be able to use this measurement to gauge whether the soil is firm enough for driving your machinery.

5. Be warned of pest threats

Based on scientific and agronomic models for various pest threats, the app will warn you with a red, yellow or green signal, indicating the optimal time to apply insecticides to protect your fields.

6. Harvest at just the right time

Time your harvest based on the air humidity level. When the harvest season is approaching, the air humidity becomes the perfect tool for assessing the moisture content of your crops. This will potentially also save you costs on drying the crops after harvest.

7. Make decisions based on your local weather

FIeldSense Farm Weather Stations give you much more reliable measurements of the weather conditions in your fields by measuring at crop height of 2 meters. At the same time, the measurements more accurately represent your local topographical conditions. This is an advantage compared to other weather measurements published by meteorological agencies that as a rule are collected at a height of 10 meters, which do not represent the actual conditions near your fields.

8. Stay worry-free with life-time warranty

With the subscription-based rental pricing of Farm Weather, you won’t have to worry about maintenance costs of the weather station. In the event of defect, your weather station will be replaced at no cost.

9. Access your data on the go

Have instant access to all your weather stations and measurements directly from your mobile phone. All the tools are bundled into one app that works on Android and iOS devices.

10. Bring along your colleagues

Keep your staff up to date on the local weather near your fields. Your staff can access all the same weather information and analysis from their own mobile phones or computers, which enables them to make corrective measures faster. This will help your team base its decisions on weather facts rather than gut feeling.

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