The most locally accurate weather data and forecasts for farming.

FieldSense measures the weather at over 2200 locations with wireless and solar-powered weather stations and gives you the best weather data for daily decisions.

Coming soon: Join the waiting-list and receive hyper-local weather forecasts for your location. It’s completely free! 👇

Rent a weather station from FieldSense and get a wide range of benefits.

We do things differently. With us, you rent your weather station at a fixed monthly price and get a weather app tailored for farming. We take care of service and repair of the weather station when needed, so you can focus on your work.

Local weather data

Receive local weather data every 10 minutes from your fields. Historical weather data can be accessed at all times using the app for Android and iOS.

Field-specific forecasts

Your weather station’s measurements are used to provide hyper-local and accurate weather forecasts for your fields.

Join the network

Do you and your neighbour both have weather stations? The weather network allows you to utilize each others weather stations.

Farm Weather

Get help with decisions from sowing to harvesting.

Get the full overview of the weather everywhere on your farm. Wireless and solar powered weather stations enable you to monitor the weather even at your most far-away fields. Everything in one app, available for you and your colleagues.



Air temperature

Air humidity

Soil temperature

Air pressure

UV intensity

Light incidence

Weather Forecasts

The most local weather forecast, enhanced by your own weather station.

Get the most local and accurate field-level weather forecasts for farming. Each measurement from your weather station is used to calibrate and improve the accuracy of the weather forecast, so you always have a weather forecast for where you work.



Air humidity

Air temperature

Weather network

Join a growing network of more than 2200 active weather stations.

Does your neighbor have a FieldSense weather station? You can connect to his weather station and benefit from its measurements. That way, you can get weather data from remote locations without having to set up multiple weather stations.

Our partners

Receive the best weather data for your daily work with Farm Weather.



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